Full Moon In Libra: Harmonize This!

"full moon in libra"

Refinement, harmony, balance, pretty on the inside, pretty on the outside, grace…

Find the Libra House in your chart so you can track tomorrow’s Full Moon!

And find 17 degrees, the Full Moon degree, and look around your chart for other heavenly bodies (or cusp lines) at this degree and tell us what you find.

Full Moons bring messages, emotional messages, and relationships are what’s at stake here — and Saturn themes too.  Discipline, structure, responsibility…. but to what? To who? 

And the portion of your chart where this Full Moon happens also holds the key to… what you should ponder, meditate on, look at, consider, discover, feel your way around, think about…

Venus will also be squaring Neptune on this day: confusion, delusion, illusion, especially in loveland.

Venus in Gemini can be “of two minds” so do not expect clarity I repeat DO NOT EXPECT CLARITY around love or money on Full Moon day.

And… honestly I think if you experience or feel an END to something around this time, know that it’s *not* a real end. Libra is the surface, the top-layer only. There’s more to come.

(Joan Jett has her natal Moon in Libra!)

Are you pondering the Full Moon?


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