Full Moon In Libra And The Chakras In Your Chart

"full moon in libra"

Traditionally speaking, the 7th House rules, among other things, “open enemies.”

The 7th House is associated with Libra. The Full Moon in Libra is on April 6th.


Imagine that your natal chart has Chakras, those spinning wheels, disks, vertices of energy, spiritual centers, just like in your body.

Your chart is also your body. Your chart is a map of you. A map of buried treasure 🙂


Edgar Cayce talked about using the imaginative forces…


Trines must be appreciated, noticed, for the energy to flow healthily. Ungratefulness causes laziness (there, I said it! Not very PC of me, I know).

Sextiles need a little elbow grease, a little smile 🙂

Squares need even more elbow grease and lots of philosophy and figuring out — to make them run better and to master the energy. Squares push us, drive us, cause tension but all this tension can drive us back to bed.

And oppositions are the other people, situations that come to challenge us.

We need to know what is their stuff and what is our stuff and to protect ourselves from their projections. Not to waste precious energy fighting with others who want to bring us down.  The 7th House rules “open enemies.” This Full Moon in Libra could illuminate who those folks are in your life. And by “enemy” I mean any and all who don’t have your best interest at heart. Those who seek to sabotage.


There ARE places in the chart, in the body,  that get stuck, that slow down, and the goal is to make those energy centers move again and flower and beam light and color through your body and through your life.


Others may not jump for joy when you find your joy. Expect that if YOU change, some people may fall away from  your life but new people will come in. It’s like… if you want to be happy and successful then hang around with happy and successful people — but by your definition, that is. I don’t mean material success necessarily although it MAY be that for you.  No judgement here.

There are people in your life who don’t want you to succeed. They want you to stay stuck like them. You can only help them as best as you can. And then move on. Live your life.


Now one could easily say the Root Chakra is the 4th House but for you it may be somewhere else. Or that it is both. That the 4th is the Root in a “natural” chart but for you it could be where you have “Cancer” on the cusp or if you have planets in Cancer.

Or it could be what YOU identify as your root even if Cancer isn’t involved. Use your imaginative forces. There are no rules here. There is intuition.

I have a couple planets in my 2nd House. Although not my “root house,” I am feeling this house is pretty damn important. My 2nd and my 10th are connected by trine. My 2nd and my 12th are connected by sextile. My 2nd and North Node are connected by a wide out of sign trine…

The 2nd House may not be my root chakra/root house or even my heart chakra or my third eye… it’s almost as though this area of my chart hovers above all, is so important… it’s like my Soul is there. Now what chakra is that? 😉


I remember saying to a friend once, a friend that I wanted to be more than a friend, that he was stimulating my “fuck chakra.” (Ha!)


The 7th House, which is associated with Libra, which is our upcoming Full Moon, rules “open enemies.”

Smile and say to your enemies, the enemies inside you and outside you: you cannot destroy me. You can try but you cannot destroy me. Sorry! 

And don’t forget the smiling part because we are talking about Libra here. Smile like the Buddha smiles. With equanimity.


So use your imaginative forces and imagine your chart as your body. Where are the Chakras in your chart? 


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