Full Moon In Leo + Venus Enters Capricorn (Jan 23rd)

"mars in scorpio retrograde"How do we lose so much — we lose and we bear the loss — without the reflex of trying to hold on to the past. This is not easy. It is so human.

Do not beat yourself up if you are engaged in this “trying to get back” or “trying to go back.”

I am happy Venus is in Capricorn. Think of it as a stabilizing influence. YES it will conjoin Pluto and square Uranus but we are used to that intensity by now. Climb the mountain. When you get scared, take a break. Resume climbing. Pause if you need. Resume climbing.

The Full Moon in Leo shall roar from my 12th House, from the waters of Neptune. Grief work. Release all the losses.

The 12th House = no boundaries. All ye Virgo Risings can do THIS. Let it all go.

I am **trying** to stay with the rawness, as Pema Chodron says.

And then a friend of mine posted this on Facebook:

“There are moments when one feels empty and estranged. Such moments are most desirable for it means the soul has cast its moorings and is sailing for distant places. This is detachment-when the old is over and the new has not yet come. If you are afraid, the state may be distressing; but there is really nothing to be afraid of. Remember the instruction: what ever you come across – go beyond.”

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj from the book, I Am That.

I have nothing to add. For the moment!



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