Full Moon In Leo: Fun Revealed

There were three people that I promised to draw a Tarot card for. One of them was Puttycake and now I can’t find the post… Maybe one of those three people can direct me! I’ll search again later too…

In other news, the Moon is still void of course as I write this but enters Leo in less than an hour and the Full Moon is tonight at 7 degrees Leo.

There is snow on the ground in the Big City. I can hear someone outside shoveling. Am I wrong to like that sound? 🙂 Thankfully it’s sunny. Judging from the sound, the snow is frozen and not easy to scoop. We’ll have some yummy slush soon enough.

The Moon is the main story today. When I look in my little book here I see no exact major aspects except for Moon aspects on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and then ahhhh Wednesday: Jupiter goes direct and the Sun squares Saturn (don’t worry about that though – days away!).

I’m very much in meditation-mind these days so my advice for today is to.. pay attention. Even if you don’t like what arises. Notice it.

And the Moon in Leo wants you to do something you will enjoy, something fun, and I will 🙂 even if the aspects to the Full Moon are less than fun and friendly. Don’t focus there. I know you feel it, but… look to the side 🙂

Happy Full Moon in Leo Revelations. Share with us in the comments what you discover…

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