Full Moon In Leo: February 7th


"full moon in leo 2012"

18 degrees Leo! That’s our upcoming Full Moon!

What does 18 degrees Leo do to YOUR chart? 

Not only does the Moon oppose the Sun of course, but the Moon (feelings) opposes Mercury (talking) as well! Sounds like some hair-flipping theatrics to me! Leo needs to be the Queen and Aquarius stops giving a damn. Sound familiar?


The other news is that Saturn in Libra goes retrograde this same day.

But I want you to find your Leo House and see where this moonlight will be shining.

Full Moons bring us news, results, clarity, completeness, full circle, wholeness! It’s not the time to plant; it’s the time to see what’s growing.

Full Moons can also make us feel WILD and with a Full Moon in Leo? The wild will be entertaining and probably… all about you-poor attention-starved-thing.

A Full Moon in Leo also makes us remember the Sun because the Sun rules Leo and thus we remember our own natal Sun and… whether we are living that Sun, by sign, house, aspect… and that if we aren’t… we are missing.

Here’s my question though: what do you do, what will you do, FOR YOU this Full Moon in Leo?

It’s important not to forget YOU and this goes back to my depression post, the one I wrote earlier today. The Sun is you. Leo is you. Don’t forget you in your race to get everything else.

Does your Sun fit you?


Yes, I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Leo (which are kinda like mini-transit readings). Look here for Astrology stuff and here for Tarot stuff and don’t forget the Testimony!

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