Full Moon In Gemini: The Words

"saturn square neptune" What is it that you want to say? Can you find the words?

Rarely have I known a Gemini or Sagittarius to be at a loss for words but

this Full Moon in Gemini opposes (is at odds with) not just the Sun but SATURN in Sagittarius. And Mercury too. There may be fewer words. There may be serious words. Emotional. Even words that are hard to hear. Choose your words carefully tomorrow.

Saturn squares Neptune on Thursday which feels like a kick in the head to me, or to the heart, depending on your Pisces House. Some ultimate (possibly painful) reality check. Something (or someone) has to go. It’s not good enough for Saturn anymore. And if it’s not a thing or a person, then for sure it’s an idea you’ve been holding on to. Time to say goodbye.

Well I’ve just written the gloomiest blog post ever so I’ll draw a card for silver lining…

AND I got the Temperance card! I think she is telling me that I am being TOO GLOOMY!
Temperance is a card of healing not harshness! Lighten up, MoonPluto 🙂 Some keywords: synthesis, integration, cooperation. See? Not so bad. Find the right mixture. Be calm tomorrow because you can be. Because there is reason to be.


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