Full Moon In Gemini: Looking For Clues (December 17th)

Far as Full Moons go, a Full Moon in Gemini should be fairly cheerful.

Gemini has a busy mind, busy hands, and all around dexterity, flexibility (you can be in charge of the errands today, they won’t mind) and a fine sense of fun of the good clean variety or otherwise.

On the other hand (and Gemini is always of, at least, two minds) Full Moons are emotional. The truth comes out and sometimes it’s revelation after revelation.

And hmm what I’m feeling about this Full Moon most of all, as I type here, is its full-stop quality. It’s you, standing on top of the heap, or lying under it. You’re either the Page of Swords or the 10 of Swords. Or maybe you run the gamut on any given day.

And the funny interesting thing is that Uranus goes direct in Aries on the same day so we have

1) the (most likely) benign news coming from the Gemini house in your chart and
2) your hair/house/soul on fire courtesy Uranus switching gears and I mean this, most of all, in an internal sense but there could be some real-world manifestation as well. This is not an esoteric transit. If you feel confused, go back to your most basic keywords for the houses involved.

The Uranus Pluto square is an ongoing story in your life and it’s about to be hijacked by Mars in Libra (and I’m not even going to mention the supersize sobbing Jupiter in Cancer part of the story).

Suffice to say, sometimes you think too hard or think too much or over think and can’t help it (Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini) and you miss the forest, you miss the trees. But your mind is really really fun. Big fucking deal. There’s more to life than a rich inner life. You want something to show for your magic. Even if that something is baking a really good lasagna or paying off a debt or going back to school or listening to your heart or staking a vampire or…

The Full Moon in Gemini wants you to stop wasting time.

My advice? To mourn your losses. Count them if you’re a calculating type. Let the tears flow. My computer just auto corrected me. Wanted me to type TEXAS instead of TEARS and I’m going to run with the symbolism here of, well, the symbolism of that great movie from years ago Paris, Texas and the beautiful Ry Cooder soundtrack and the idea that reunion and reconciliation is possible but you have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death FIRST. You can’t come out the other side until everything’s been taken away and hope not only doesn’t float, but drowns. The Full Moon in Gemini says WAKE UP.

Juno trines this Full Moon. Partnerships are highlighted. Matters of loyalty, commitment, and nasty nasty betrayal are on your mind. That said, it is a trine! Things may just… start to repair. Just like that. With little effort on your part. Uranus is too low in degree to sextile here but is supportive by element (fire to air). Juno was pissed off a lot (rightly so) but she’s willing to hear your side of it once again.

Also… Mercury in Sagittarius is in opposition (fights with) the Full Moon and opposition is something that Mercury in Sagittarius tends to enjoy – they like a lively discussion or debate. They have a lot to say and they will say it, often loudly and proudly thus… there may be blowhards in your midst, on or around Full Moon day. Don’t take it to heart. Sagittarius is a well-meaning sign (“I didn’t intend to hurt your feelings!”) so dry your Full Moony tears and join the sparring (if you like that sort of thing).

That’s the latest here from MoonPlutoLand. I admit I feel a little slowed down lately with blogging. I am under a Saturn opposition across my 3rd/9th axis. This is the Gemini-Sagittarius axis! Writing, communications, publishing but yesterday I made two silly videos that I posted on Facebook so perhaps I’ve found a way around the silence of this transit. Click on the Facebook button on my homepage and you’ll find the videos.

Are you looking for clues? Or do you have the news? 🙂

Love, MP

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