Full Moon In Gemini Intentions: Letting Go Of Fear

"full moon eclipse in gemini"Yesterday I was writing about letting go of guilt. One of my Full Moon in Gemini intentions.

Yes, my friends, I find FULL Moon intentions to be even more potent than New Moon wishes, and I have another one for you: letting go of fear which includes realizing how much (or how little) fear rules your life. The image I’m getting is of a knife on wood, peeling back the top layer. Skinning it. What do you see? What, who, is left when your fear and guilt are gone? Who is the real you? Who are you? In all your glory, defenses down.

These may seem like unmanageable abstractions to you, words, concepts like fear and guilt but to me they are what I live with daily. Even today, going to my PO Box and hoping for a certain letter which would be good news or bad news or neutral news, but enough to cause my heart beat faster. Having to reassure myself. And not shit myself. That all would be well.

And then remembering ANOTHER (and somewhat similar) issue that I have to deal with and I decided to kick fear’s ass when I came home. I made a necessary phone call and now I have what I need. And less fear.

Accepting reality is not the same as judging it good is one of my favorite quotes. Accepting reality is the only way out of hell. These quotes come from a workbook for people with Borderline Personality Disorder. I don’t have BPO, but DBT therapy (Google it, google Marsha Linehan. She’s amazing) helped me years ago and still does (when I remember to review my notes!).

Venus is conjunct Saturn on Full Moon day. Mars is conjunct Pluto. Scorpio and Capricorn sextile. This is good 🙂 this is STRONG and good. Strength from within. It’s concentrated. Shrewd. Committed. ‘Til death do you part.

Whatever it is you WANT? Set that intention too. Let go of what is stopping you. No rules. And the Full Moon conjunct Jupiter retrograde is the missing piece finally falling into place. The piece you thought you misplaced. The retrograde merely tells us that there’s a history to this moment.

Hello to all new readers and lurkers who are commenting for the first time. I’m glad you are here 🙂

What intentions are you setting? 



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