Full Moon In Capricorn: “Then The Letting Go”

We tend to beat ourselves up. And Capricorn can be bossy πŸ™‚ A Full Moon in this sign wants you to let that shit go.


My meditation teacher reads to us. Spiritual story time. I love it.

A couple weeks ago he read to us an excerpt from a Shirley Maclaine book (remember her? People made fun of her but now everyone recycles what she taught us) and I was reading her on the train the other day and she was talking about “letting go.”

It felt VERY Full Moon to me. Full Moons are not the time of starts and seedlings but the finishing, the release, the orgasm of the moon cycle. The crown.

Let’s say you are caught up in a difficult situation and let’s say you choose to… change your perspective.

Shirley’s words: “In giving up the battle or ‘surrendering my anger,’ the fundamental energy in the polarity between us shifted until tugging and war were not possible. In the most personal way I realized it does indeed take two to tango, and when I checked out of the dance, the music stopped too.”

“Again, I don’t know how it works, but when sincerely undertaken… if there is a tug of war and one side ceases to pull, the other side collapses because the game depends upon the polarity..”

“Not to control those feelings, but actually to let them go…”


The Full Moon is on June 23rd at 2 degrees Capricorn.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who doesn’t care how you feel. The Sun in Cancer feels first and foremost, ruled by instinct, mood, and feeling “okay enough” to get anything done. (Cancer says “Maybe later. I don’t feel like it now.”)

A Full Moon is an opposition between Moon and Sun, a tug-of-war.

What side are you on? Can you meet yourself in the middle. What needs to GO? What needs to leave your life NOW?

This Full Moon sextiles Saturn and Neptune. This Full Moon is conjunct Pluto: emotional intensity.

This is not a Full Moon for the weak and weary so wake up. Don’t puss out (as a friend of mine said to me once). Even if you have to stay asleep and in a fog until THEN. Kick yourself awake the night before πŸ™‚ Β Ruthless, relentless engagement with your demons is required. Yes, your demons.

Whatever decision you feel forced to make (and yes you may feel forced) it’s a vomit. The scour, the purge, the rage, the cleanse, the abortion. This thing that must go? It really really REALLY must go.

The gift here is Saturn and Neptune still doing the dance of the (retrograde) trine in water and it’s not that there’s a bow and sprinkles atop that steamy pile in the corner of your room (the demon you release on this Full Moon) — it’s that you transmute this energy WHILE it’s on the way down and out of you. Butterflies.

(It’s okay to feel strongly about your life, about what you’ve lost, what you hate, and about what you want most. WAKE UP.)

I think you need a ritual.

Let’s draw one card for this. Two of Pentacles: ha! I’m seeing double. Two Pentacles. So you do have a choice to make and you know… the sooner you make it, the sooner the seas behind you calm down.

And I love what one of my Tarot books says: “Written as Roman numeral II, the number suggests a gateway or doorway, as well as female genitalia.”

Setting intentions isn’t just for New Moons anymore πŸ™‚

Love, MP


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