Full Moon In Capricorn: Ten Of Cups?? Yes!

Oh we got a lot going on.

Full Moon in Capricorn tomorrow. Mercury goes retrograde next week. Jupiter enters Cancer next week.

The Sun in Cancer is ***already*** trining Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces and damn Jupiter is too ALREADY, even at 29 degrees Gemini.

Do you have a sense at all of what this summer’s Grand Trine in water signs means for you? Big picture, little picture. How are you FEELING?

Jupiter in Cancer on the 25th. Sun trine Saturn and Neptune AND Mercury going retrograde on the 26th. Busy busy busy. On the 27th, Venus enters loving Leo.

Sometimes I don’t have an analysis for you. I’m just observing. Of course I can point out the early degrees of the water signs are where you should pay attention but I think this is bigger than that. It feels, it is, major.

And my heart goes out to the Scorpios, especially the Pluto in Scorpio peeps with Saturn up their asses. Saturn goes direct July 8th. This is good.


Matchmaking is hard work! Whew. No details revealed here. Protecting the innocent. But I was trying to match up a bachelor a couple weeks ago and they are currently chatting. No pressure from me but who knows?

The other love topic on my mind is a Saturn Neptune one. How hard it is for so many of us to choose Saturn i.e. REALITY over Neptune, fantasy and no it doesn’t have to be either/or BUT I do have these two in opposition in my chart.

And recently I, yes I, made such a choice. I chose not to indulge my Neptune side and… it took PRACTICE. To be real. Over and over and over. Because my habit, my tendency, my nature would be to… go for the lover who isn’t showing up. The lover who left. And… not cling to the one who is there.

The good news is we get older. The good news is we can change. Even a Venus in the 12th House square Neptune 🙂


I want to draw just one card for the Full Moon in ambitious Capricorn.

Hmm drew a card that I drew for someone earlier today: the 10 of Cups. Be ambitious about fulfilling your emotional needs 🙂 Work hard at it. Closer than you think. Full Moons are about fulfillment, culmination, endings. The ending could be… an end to your sorrow.

In my chat room, one of the gals was making some Solstice/Full Moon resolutions. I decided I wanted to give up a certain obsession which is interesting because today I was super duper obsessed and got really upset about it. Not so easy. How to live with… what we don’t want to live with. Is this another Saturn/Neptune question? But in this case it’s too much Saturn, too much harshness. To much focus on lack, on dis-ease. We all need a little escape.

You know where I’m going with this, right? Saturn and Neptune are trining now and whoo hoo here comes the Sun and here comes Jupiter and water signs exist to sympathize and empathize and heal and SAVE YOU SAVE YOU SAVE YOU.

Believe (says Jupiter) that it is possible to be whole again. Or for the first time? Hmm.

Love, MP


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