Full Moon In Capricorn: Lesson Learned (Part Two)

Part One is here

I was on the train, plotting and planning another Full Moon in Capricorn post and certain keywords kept coming to mind: integrity, society, reputation… and how a Full Moon in Capricorn is about… how you want to be known. How you used to be known is a thing of the past. Your REAL image is changing.

More questions: what have you achieved so far? What do you want to achieve?

Another issue: leaving home. Cancer is the home sign. Capricorn is the work sign. We need both. A Full Moon in Capricorn, in Saturn, is about your work changing and your karma changing, your fate changing, your life changing. All of it! And maybe your home as well.

There also could be something that you’ve been working hard on, for years, even and including your fears, and now? You’re done, just done with it. Time to let it go and move on. It’s not a failure. It was a phase or a transit. There was a lesson. Lesson learned. Next!

Love, MP


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