Full Moon In Cancer: Wolves Howling

So much on my mind:  clients that I’m working intensely with, the upcoming Full Moon, and this, something I just posted in one of the chat rooms:

“Full Moon conjunct my Mars – I am already on emo overload! In the house of DREAMS. I am looking for my dream. I don’t know what to fight for. I think that’s Moon on my Mars. And all I “get” through my transmitter is EMOTION.”

Full Moon in Cancer next week, on the 15th, and the tightest aspect is to SATURN. A trine. It’s easy. Perfect. See, we NEED structure, we NEED containment for the flow the blood the flow the sweat the rain the grease tears spit snow rain wine flow blood. And so on 🙂 We need this. Without it? We die. A puddle. Puddles dry up.

Full Moons are emotional. Full Moons are BRIGHT. News. Revelations. Visitations. Incantations. Full Moons oppose the Sun. Ego needs versus The Moon of the Tarot card: hidden depths, instincts, cycles, secrets coming out, WOLVES HOWLING. The wolves know. The wolves *always* know. The wolves gonna share their knowledge with you 🙂

My advice? Ignore the other aspects 🙂 YES, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are in the vicinity of this late degree Full Moon and YES Ceres and Vesta (in Libra), lovely goddesses SQUARE  the Full Moon BUT to quote a dear friend of mine today: YOU SET THE STANDARD. And that’s Saturn. You set the rules. You draw the lines.

This Full Moon is a Moon Saturn Full Moon and Moon Saturn is YOUR SPINE GODDAMMIT. It keeps you from FALLING OVER.

Your emotional intensity is your FUEL so get in the car already. You don’t have to know where you’re going to GET IN.

Full Moon at 25 (pretty much 26) degrees Cancer.

Love, MP


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