Full Moon In Cancer – January 9th, 2012

"full moon in cancer 2012"
the first full moon of 2012!

There will be news of some kind for you this Full Moon.

Cancerian news. Capricornian news. Mom? Family? How you take care of yourself? Home?

What are you Mothering in your life? 

Or take the Capricorn side of it: what are you fathering? where are you building? 

Both these signs are concerned with SECURITY.

And you know what I’m going to say next, that you’ve got to find the houses this lunation will activate in your chart.

Other things to remember: Full Moons push up and out your emotions (especially with this one in Cancer).

Full Moons are bright light, potent for ritual work.

Full Moons end.

Full Moons finish.

Full Moons bring the results. Illumination!

Full Moons are very take-stock because it’s cards-on-the-table time.

We SEE by the light of the Full Moon.

We SEE how we’re doing and again it’s how we’re doing in our Cancer/Capricorn houses.

So get your coffee and your elephant ear and your broken cell phone 😉 and visit your chart because you’ll want to locate what in your natal is aspected by this Moon.

Me? This Loony Moony Moon sits right between my Sun and Mercury in my 11th House. Sextiles my Moon and Pluto in the 1st. Squares my Jupiter in the 2nd. Trines my Neptune in the 3rd. Sextiles my Saturn in the 9th…

And you?


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