Full Moon In Aries: Medium

"full moon in aries"Sometimes I wonder why I don’t get pings from dead people.

Not that I mind. But I just don’t get them. Talk to someone else, Abe Lincoln. Don’t mind me.

I seem to have a “mental illness” radar though. That’s what gets through my aura. I can spot it a mile away and it usually takes up space in my own personal tree of life and my mind.

On the private message board, one gal was talking about her interest in being a healer/therapist and how that may not happen because she gets triggered and begins to feel too much (I’m paraphrasing).

Reading that thread made me realize that I don’t do that. I have compassion. I feel it. I want to help. But it doesn’t stick. What sticks to me though is anxiety, worry. Other people’s. My own.

And someone else in the room commented that… what gets triggered is your unhealed stuff.


It’s my fear that I still need to work on, yup. Depression? You’re not a monster I’m afraid of. Not anymore. We’re old friends, sure. But… you’re not who you used to be. And neither am I. I can follow you into the dark with my faithful flashlight anytime. Shine a light on you 🙂

But when I’m working with worry-mind people, I feel it, absorb it, eat it up. A Wise Woman I spoke to today called it “pounding at the door.”

And that phrase reminded me of this powerhouse Full Moon in Aries and how it doesn’t have to suck despite the over-the-top Full Moony Feelings and any sudden revelations to come which really aren’t all that sudden. You’ve known the truth for a while now.

We’ve got energies in opposition here. It’s war: Sun (who you think you are/what you hold sacred) vs. Moon (your emotions) and Uranus (electric shock). And Pluto (the change you are never ready for) squaring each.

You don’t want to change. You don’t want to move an inch. Your security and safety is what you want more than anything. Oops! Life wants something else for ya.

Even if you can’t find harmony in your present situation. Even if there is no easy out… by remaining in the present moment–

Wait. I know talking about the “present moment” sounds like pseudo zenshit but read on.

I was talking about shielding with this same Wise Woman and I realized that my sitting in mediation is my shielding. My grounding is my shielding (the Lord is my shepherd?) because it roots me and pulls me solid.

Sitting may not be your thing but you can find your thing. Please find your thing.

And if you need me, I’ll be right here. Waiting out the storm, like a branch that will not break.

I have a feeling though… that if you want to be a conduit or channel or medium, this Full Moon in Aries is as good a time as any to start.

Have you found the Full Moon in your chart? 


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