Full Moon In Aries: Little Fear

"full moon in aries"I walked home under the light of the full moon.

Wait. No. It’s not full yet and it’s not in Aries yet. That’s this Saturday. Full Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus and squaring Pluto.

But still tonight I did walk home, and I did walk home under the moon and under the clouds that kept crossing and uncrossing the face of the moon, and if the moon in aries is a soldier (Mars rules war), then a full moon in aries is an emotional soldier. Uh-oh.

The Sun is in Libra, the scales. Want to be balanced on full moon day? Then take turns. With EVERYTHING. Here’s an example: don’t work all weekend. Don’t play all weekend. Be stable 🙂

Every opposition is a retelling of the Aries-Libra story: me vs you. Me vs. WE.

I want to tell a story about fear because I want Aries to be fearless and this afternoon in the Creativity class that I’m doing I got on my soapbox and started talking about that little twinge of fear you feel when you go out of your comfort zone and feel like a jackass or a freak but you KNOW, you know, that you’re on the right track. That little fear feeling is the signal.

The full moon in Aries may amplify that fear as it squares exactly where you need to be and go which is, I believe, where Pluto is transiting in your chart. That’s your depth-space. That’s your mass. Right there.

It’s tricky though. If full moons are about releasing but the Uranus-Pluto square is ongoing and Uranus often signifies reversals then… what leaves may come back in, but in a different disguise.

Do you know what it is? What’s leaving your life? 



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