Full Moon In Aries 2011 (Part One)

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Full Moon in Aries 2011

I’ve started doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Aries (see bottom of this post for more info) and here is part of what I told someone this morning:

“Now the Moon will just pass on through so think of it like a tornado. Passing by the window but NOT hurting you. HOWEVER the strength of that tornado passing by is YOUR strength too. It’s a mirror of you. Understand what I’m saying? Don’t be defeated by nature. Imitate nature instead.”

The Full Moon will be showing this young woman just how strong she needs to be. She’s a Cancer Sun and has Saturn conjunct her North Node. Is it easy? Nope. But we’re talking steady (Saturn) steps (Virgo).

Remember: the New Moon is when we are at our most dark. It is the time for planting. The Full Moon, however, is when we are at our most bright. We can SEE. See? Clarity. News. OPEN YOUR EYES.

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