Full Moon In Aries 2011 (Part Two)

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Full Moon in Aries 2011

The Full Moon in Aries is your freedom.

The Aquarius Moon trines Libra today, showing the birth of this energy, the first step.

Use the upcoming Full Moon in Aries energy to break open situations as the Full Moon opposes Libra Sun and Saturn. Accept no limitation (Saturn).

Use the Aries energy to leave situations that do not serve YOUR (Aries) needs (Moon) and do it fast (Aries). Cut. Out. Gone. Quit. Done.

The Moon will conjunct Uranus on its way to Full. It’s like its stopping off for gas, a lot of fucking gas and I don’t mean HOT AIR. I mean FUEL.

Some may say caution ahead. I’ve probably even said caution ahead, but I’m feeling something else now.

That now is the time (Saturn) to break (Mars) free (fire fire fire fire fire). Your life is on fire and what do you do? Stop, drop, and roll? Watch it burn? Get the hell out?

These are metaphors I’m mixing and isn’t this your life?

Do the stars compel or impel. Both. After you are done resting like an animal in the forest, get up.

I told someone today: NO FEAR. Is the Moon in Aries afraid? Nope. The Moon in Aries rides a big beast of a motorcycle and fears no road ahead 🙂

Aries vs Libra: breaking through vs. weighing the options

And ya know what? That heavy sadness doesn’t suit you anyway, the hesitation, the bargaining, the counting, the blaming God, the despising your life.

The Full Moon in Aries wants YOU to BREAK THROUGH.  But… get this… you are supposed to break through to SATURN IN LIBRA i.e. COMMITMENT.

The question then becomes: commit to what? To who? Well, find the fuck out NOW.

Imagine the zodiac wheel in your mind.  Weigh (Libra) the options (Libra)… before the Moon hits Aries (you).  And prepare to make your MOVE.

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