Full Moon In Aquarius: What Do You Want?

"full moon in aquarius"I was in meditation class πŸ™‚ thinking how lucky I am. Not everything is “settled” in my life, nope.

But I have felt love. I have felt passion. I have felt it returned. I felt lucky.

And what an awesome thing it isΒ to feel. I know I know our emotions trip us up and break us down but I wouldn’t trade that feeling which is almost always accompanied by a revelation and a heartfelt desire to share it πŸ™‚

Good evening Stargazers!Β Any Aquarius Moons reading this? How do YOU feel about feeling?

I know folks out there are having a hard time. Frustration. Struggle. I had a weird day too. The Moon’s in hard working Capricorn as I type this but the Full Moon in Aquarius rules rebellion, revolution, the weird. Aquarius also rules your wishes.

What do you want? What do you REALLY want if you weren’t afraid of what other people think.

Aquarians can’t help it. They do what they want ANYWAY. I’m not an Aquarius but I have Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer in the 11th House which is Aquarius’ “natural” house.

My mother always used to say about me,Β Aliza will do what she wants anyway…

Another question: are you as free as you want to be? In what area of life do you need to be more free i.e. more yourself?

Thing 1: figure it out. Thing 2: figure out how to get there. Thing 3: suffer the consequences πŸ˜‰

New Moons are the times to set intentions, they say. Full Moons are the times when we see how far we’ve come.Β I like to switch it up or do both, set intentions AND see how far I’ve come. You too can rebel against lunar conventions πŸ™‚

What have you been building? Or are you running in circles with no tools in your hands?Β Are you disappointed or elated or somewhere in between? WHO IS THE WATER BEARER IN YOUR LIFE??? (All caps intended and YES I am yelling at you ;))

The Moon will trine Jupiter. Things are looking up.

Love, MPΒ 

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