Full Moon In Aquarius (Part 3): The Miracle You Are

"full moon in aquarius"I keep sneaking up on the future. Trying to. Hoping I get a sneak peek into what’s next. And mostly I mean career/work/money wise.

So I sat down at my desk with the idea that OH YES I would find the answer right now. Just sit down AND ASK for it. That simple.

And I thought to myself: what kind of spread, how many cards… And then I thought hmm hmmm hmm this is a ONE card question. Just a little insight for my next clue.  I’m on a treasure hunt.

And what card do I pull but the NINE OF SWORDS. And I’m all like shit Tarot, what is this?

Oh. I know what this is. This is: STOP worrying.

I decide to pull another card because I’m asking, thinking, feeling: if not worry, THEN WHAT?

Nine of Cups. The antidote to the Nine of Swords. The Wish card. Coming true. Could it be? Really?


The upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius is exceedingly well-aspected. I know Mercury is retrograde which suggests a do-over  but we’ve got trines from Gemini and Libra.

You will acquire insight. Just ask.


Now I didn’t get the answer I was seeking, but I did get the perspective. Or IS the perspective THE answer? 


A Full Moon in Aquarius can, will, be a revolution in your life. Find 10 degrees Aquarius in your chart and you’ll know where it is. There will be news!

Aquarius rules YOUR HOPES. For what are you hoping? Do you still hope? I admit I take breaks 🙂 but then I come back.

One more keyword or two 🙂 Did you know that Aquarius rules exploration? And free-will? Aquarians are our idealists. Real life doesn’t always match up for them. Reminds you of Neptune a little, doesn’t it?

Except for Pluto there is NO earth in this sky this Full Moon and I can only assume it’s because we are not supposed to let the material, physical realms keep us from imagining, thinking what could be. Go with the flow, people!

You know what else Aquarius rules? Miracles.


Love, MP

Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings (Astrology or Tarot) for the Full Moon! 

Music for the Full Moon amina – Glámur

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