Full Moon in Aquarius August 13th!

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Moon in Aquarius!

Next weekend we have a Full Moon in Aquarius at 20 degrees and the Moon will be opposing not just the Sun in Leo, of course but Venus in Leo too. That’s a lot of Leo power for the Moon to take on 🙂 And we’ll also be having… drumroll please! A Moon trine to Saturn!

Moon trine Saturn is an interesting aspect in and of itself in a natal chart. The Moon is mother and Saturn is father, Cancer and Capricorn, parental to the core. Saturn contacts to personal planets, no matter the aspect, make a person serious and the trine is the best that we have. Support will come and if not from the bio mom or dad then from others who will fill those roles.

So with this energy out there in the universe and seeing as how it is a trine, an aspect of ease, think about the idea of support in your own life: do you give it? Do you receive it? Do you have a Moon Saturn contact in your natal chart? If so, this energy will be kicked up even more. With Mercury still Rx, maybe memories will resurface for the purpose of review.

In a natal chart, a Moon Venus opposition (or square) pits the mother against the ingenue. Maybe mom was jealous of your budding adolescence, especially if there’s a more complex configuration and Pluto is involved.  As a grown-up, you could feel torn between your maternal self and your sexual self. The square, as always, is the inner war and the opposition brings forces from the outside to help us reckon with ourselves. This opposition will be active in the sky so please try not to fight with Mom 🙂

Now, the Leo/Aquarius axis in general (the axis where this Full Moon lives) makes me think of me-me-me vs we-we-we. Astrologers usually give these keywords to Aries/Libra but Leo is so much about your own self-expression and uniqueness and Aquarius, opposing this me/self energy, reminds us there is something outside us, something larger, collective. Aquarians are the humanitarians of the zodiac supposedly, personally impersonal, loving humanity but hating people, as my teacher used to say.

Moon in Aquarius is not comfortable with feeling, with feelings. They may be friendly, they may be strange. They are likely intellectual, freedom-seeking, like their sextile, the Sagittarius. Now I’m not saying that Moon in Aquarius is incapable of feeling, just that… it’s an Air sign and Air is the mind, the um rational mind. They think so anyway. Moon in Aquarius, if it applies itself, if it gives a damn, can reason out what you need.

So in honor of this Full Moon, I’d say it’s a good time to take the long view, the wide view, the bigger picture. You’ll need to balance the me vs. the we or the them and go back and forth. Look in the mirror, like a Leo, and then look out the window, like an Aquarius. There’s a world outside and Aquarius sees it!

And remember to look in your own chart for your Aquarius house. In that house, this Moon cycle, you may find an ending, a culmination, a fulfillment, a result. For me, it’s my 6th House and opposing my natal Venus. I would not be surprised to hear about a job ending or a client taking off. My gut instinct is that it’s not a tragedy, so to speak, but a little shake-up, a little shock. Remember Uranus and Aquarius are linked so a little shock in your Full Moon Aqua House may be coming  your way.

So to re-cap some Full Moon themes for next week: the support that you give or get, perhaps to the women in your life, or perhaps figuring how you can get your needs met. The Cardinal Cross will be way-active so try not to walk into any beehives, okay? Perhaps you’ll meet a wise female figure, maybe a witch! Someone who will help guide you from Moon to Moon! Sounds cool, don’t it?

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