Full Moon In Aquarius August 1st

"full moon in aquarius"I’m a fan of Edgar Cayce. Fan is kind of the wrong word but kind of the right word too. And I am on an email list and get little excerpts from the Cayce readings in my inbox each day and this morning’s fascinated me and made me think.

I have a stellium of three personal planets in the 11th House, which is, among other things, the house of friends, groups, associations of like-minded people. Also one’s fondest hopes and dreams. Aspirations. This is the house of “the love you receive,” unlike the 5th which is associated with the love you give.

Since Saturn has been transiting my 2nd House and squaring my 11th House, and the transit ain’t done yet, I haven’t spent as much time with friends as I used to. Been more focused on romantic relationships and my relationship with myself and my work. With a well-aspected 11th, there’s always a new friend around the corner and they have saved my life many many MANY times.

Another detail to this is that the Aquarius FULL MOON is coming so you must check your chart for your Aquarius House and any natal planets you may have around 10 degrees.

Friendship is important to Aquarius so perhaps you will be re-thinking (Mercury is still retrograde!) a friendship or what you want from friends.

Are you satisfied with your social life? Are your dreams intact? Do you still have dreams? To me, the Aquarian dream is definitely a “goal” and an “ideal” but sharper in focus than the Neptune sense of dreams. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus so we get “thinking out of the box” plus the long-range view and hard work to make it a reality.

And here is what I got in my inbox today from the Edgar Cayce readings:

“”Friendships are only the renewing of former purposes, ideals.”

As though we need these friendships to move forward? But yet he says “renew” which means something from the past that needs “fixing” or tweaking somehow or… recommitting to. And it sounds to me like friendships, in general, are related to past lives! Wow! I can spend minutes unpacking one Cayce phrase even though I know of course it’s out of context. It’s still fun 🙂

What is your philosophy of friendship? 

Love, MP

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