Full Moon Hangover? Huh?

"full moon in virgo"

I had the strangest Full Moon yesterday that I have had in ages. And am just posting a little post here because I need to get back to work.

Oh and there was also a lengthy Void of Course Moon as well.

One thing that happened yesterday was that I suffered an enormous allergy attack which made it hard to think and although the medicine I took was NOT sleepy medicine, it still knocked me out for HOURS and when I woke up it was after midnight and I had slept through… clients who were waiting for me to finish readings!

Being human. Ugh! Why can’t we be perfect asks my Virgo Moon?  Didn’t the Full Moon shed light on this? Some soul-searching may be on the menu today. The old fashioned kind. A walk in the park 🙂

So just a quick post for right now because I need to head back to people, but I drew a few cards for myself – a sweet and interesting little spread actually. Drew 4 cards this morning.

1. 4 of Pentacles = too tight?

2. 10 of Pentacles = the dream of what is possible? or the reality on the way. Maybe a little of both

3. 2 of Wands = the world in his hands. Vision. Moving forward

3. 3 of Wands = waiting for the ships. Are they coming in? They are. Some success but more to do.

I pulled one more: Justice.

And my question to Justice is… WHOSE?

How was your Full Moon?


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