Full Moon Eclipse In Libra: Change Is Good (she said weakly)

So it may not be an END but it will be a REVELATION.

Could it be a beginning? I say this considering that Ends of Cycles have a reset button, like the hand mudra in the Ten of Swords, signifying you will survive.


Something IS going to change in your relationship. The romantic one OR the one you are having with your LIBRA HOUSE. Or both. I also think for many of you what will change is the relationship you have with yourself. Remember the axis! Libra/We and Aries/ME!

When your rules change, when your ME rules change? Then the relationships change as well.

And yes the Uranus Pluto square, still active, still in orb, has this Eclipse in a headlock. You desperately want to get free of it so you can do what you want to do but ask yourself this: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS SQUARE? What do you need to know before moving on from its lessons? 

April 4th. Total Lunar. Full Moon. LIBRA. 14 degrees. MID DEGREE Cardinal peeps I am not necessarily predicting disaster for you — what I am predicting is change and HELLO I drew the Wheel of Fortune 🙂 the Fortune Faery in the Tarot of the Hidden Realm so please do not fall into fear, do not fall into the fear bed, tucking yourself in and saying goodnight.

Here 🙂


YOU can choose how to handle the news rather than let it handle you. I know it’s complicated. Easier said than done. I know a lot goes into your moods and your sense of well-being BUT

THE FULL MOON IS SEXTILE JUPITER. That’s your silver lining. All you have to do is look up. I know I know you feel it’s not possible that things can get better. I feel that way sometimes too and the same things have been happening for a long time now.

It gets harder to look up. To have hope that things could change. Be otherwise. Not set in stone.

After all, we have the long past under our belts. Weighing us down. The love handles of the past.

Remember that phrase ? Love handles ? As if we could grasp love with one or both hands.

Try it anyway.