Full Moon Eclipse In Gemini (Part Two!)

"saturn in scorpio"I think some folks were a little overwhelmed by the information overload in my previous post about the Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini so let’s break it down a little.

Gemini, recall, is the sign of the Twins and is ruled by Mercury (the messenger!) and is associated with, among other things, communication of all kinds (writing, speaking) and information. Gemini is an “air” sign. They think and then think some more. The rest of their chart will show how soon they take action.

Gemini, the astrology books say, is flexible in nature, adaptable, easy going. They can go this way or that. Not mad stubborn like fixed signs Scorpio and Taurus. Not controlling like cardinal Libra and Capricorn. Fun to run errands with, less complaining πŸ™‚

It gets complicated though because a chart, a person, is always more than the Sun Sign. There are many Geminis out there whose Sun squares Pluto in Virgo. Think they aren’t controlling? Think again!

If you know any Gemini in real life, then you know they are pretty good at doing two things (or more) at once. They like their gadgets. They like options. They are more practical than Sagittarius, the sign that opposes them on the zodiac wheel. Less philosophy, more texting πŸ˜‰

They are, in my experience, pretty sweet, good natured creatures. Because they are next to Cancer on the wheel, they often have Mercury or Venus in Cancer and I love this combination. Friendly Gemini Sun with sweet cream on the inside πŸ™‚

Now the Full Moon degree is 6 Gemini so what you do is get your chart and look for this degree. I tend to go around the wheel and look at everything, but you can first look for anything around this degree (give yourself 2 degrees on either side) in Gemini and opposing sign Sagittarius.

Then look for Virgo and Pisces, the two signs that square Gemini, anything around 6 degrees. This is the Mutable Cross, these 4 signs.

Then look for any planets around 6 degrees in the other air signs because that will give you a trine. And then do the same for Leo and Aries (the other fire signs, besides Sagittarius) which will give you a sextile.

Trines and sextiles = good news.

Squares = tension.

Oppositions = events/action. Now you could get events and action from any aspect pattern but oppositions in particular because it represents an outside force.

And of course make sure you do take note of the house where 6 degrees of Gemini falls. That’s where the eclipse is life-changing for you, those areas of life. For me? It’s ON my MidHeaven (the career point).

Eclipses can bring surprising news and revelations. I heard from a few friends who experienced such around the New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio which was way less intense than this one. Eclipses create energy patterns though. It’s not a one time thing. Expect the issues that arise these weeks (between the eclipses) to be stuff (yes, that’s a technical term) you’ll be dealing with into 2013.

Releasing, letting go, endings, culminations, fruition, realization, conclusion, finishing… these are other Full Moon and Full Moon Eclipse key phrases.

Make sense?Β 


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