Full Moon Eclipse In Aries: Pleas & Outcries

It’s a hard-to-survive combination: the Eclipse in Aries today plus Mars in Virgo.

These are inconjunct by sign, not by degree, but does it matter? Virgo wants order. Mars (Aries) is a commander. Stomp stomp STOMP.

Eclipses cause (what appears to be) crisis. Virgo causes criticism. These two together write a letter like this:

Dear Brain, 

Stop telling me everything that’s wrong. Tell me something right. NOW. 



How are you surviving the storm? Is this one transit among many for you?

And/or maybe you needed that gun up your ass anyway (Mars rules weapons). Unwelcome but… there was truth in there. Like the message on a fortune cookie written in blood.

No advice today but one card: and an unexpected card it is THE SUN: 

forget not your limitless essence. Tomorrow will be better.

For me:

Full Moon in my 8th House square my teary Cancer Mars, opposing my Jupiter, conjunct my Ceres. The Bad Mother. Empty leg of the t-square has phantom pain, a ghost limb in Capricorn. Pluto’s degrees are too low. Or are they? Can we just admit the energy is there, without the math? And that the 8th House/2nd House axis (my Eclipse line) is the axis of the infant i.e. “if I can’t get my needs met, I’ll die,” and in the words of Howard Sasportas:

“It is only through recognizing and accepting ‘the beast’ in us that it can be transformed.”

Love, MP

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