Full Moon Eclipse In Aries, October 18th (Notes On A Marriage)

Marriage is the reverse of death. The opposite of death.

Yes yes yes I can’t speak for anyone but myself in these first days. Experience is unique. And yet not. And, yes, I feel things deeply. If you want something a bit lighter, please move along.

Your experience of marriage, past, present, future may be different than mine but I want to tell you what is possible. Because I was the Girl Least Likely To… just about anything ย (But write. I could always write.) And I have to say while on this subject how heartening it was at the Courthouse the other day to see gay and lesbian couples because anyone who wants should be able to…


Well, yes, but…


As I was writing yesterday, I have this in my natal. I have the Venus Neptune cha cha cha ALL OVER my chart. THIS IS HOW LOVE FEELS TO ME and is amplified now. I am savoring it like a fine… decaf green tea (says my Virgo Moon).

Marriage is the reverse of death because marriage is, can be, your resurrection. Do you want me to explain how this is so? And if you have no desire to marry… what then? I can only tell my story.

Here’s a question: who or what do you belong to? Don’t be ashamed of your purpose. WHERE IS YOUR NORTH NODE? This is key.

Also THIS POST IS FOR THE BROKEN PEOPLE LOVESTRUCK FEELING HOPELESS PEOPLE CAN’T GET IT RIGHT MAYBE THIS TIME PEOPLE. I’m your message of hope today. Oracley. Whatever’s got you down today. It can get better. I am living proof of this. A little less pain in the world.


Now I want to talk a little about the Full Moon Eclipse in Aries because I’m afraid I’m going to forget!

Eclipses are not just ONE DAY. An energy pattern is created. 3 months, 6 months, a year. You will be focusing on that house in your chart, that axis, the aspects the Eclipse makes:

25 degrees. Aries.

Opposing Sun in LIBRA (ME vs WE) square Jupiter in Cancer (BIG EMOTIONS) trine Pallas in Leo (BRAVEHEART WISDOM). Are you in it alone? Or in it together? USE YOUR WISE MIND. Rejoice. A little luck is precious and I consider this to be a PRECIOUS and lucky Full Moon Eclipse ๐Ÿ™‚ Jupiter never ever stops trying.

Did you find 25 Aries yet? Which house, name the axis, BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE ISSUES YOU’LL BE DEALING WITH. Start there and then move into what it aspects in your natal, include the angles.

Me? 8th House. Conjunct my Ceres. Opposing Jupiter. Sextile Venus. Square Mars. Argh argh argh square Mars. I think I know what this is about for me.

What about you?ย 

Love, MP

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