Full Moon Eclipse in Aries: Just the Truth

'full moon eclipse in aries" I have this really dumb side. I think I’m really smart, sometimes, but I have this really dumb side. There are basics that I cannot figure out and I wonder: is it me? Is there some other way? This guy who was in my life used to say that to me ALL THE TIME: wasn’t there a better way? For me to express it? To let it be known? There HAD to have been a BETTER way – other than how I’d do it. Today on the phone with my Uncle, expressing his surprise over a choice I’d made some months ago. I don’t understand anything – except that life is hard and if you’re lucky you have at least one person you can count on – for real. Elizabeth Bishop writes, at the end of her famous poem, Filling Station, “Somebody loves us all” but I don’t know if that’s true — but it does make you lucky if it is.

I wanted to write an Eclipse post right now. I was scrolling through my Facebook and I kept seeing advertisements for fall love horoscopes and romance horoscopes and fall love and 2016 love love love horoscope in the fall and I get it. People want it. They want love and good news and horoscope, and this Full Moon Eclipse is going to be at 4 degrees ARIES, selfish headstrong I -Do-What-I-Want-When-And-How-I-Want-It Aries. Full Moon in Aries opposing the Sun in let’s work together Libra. AND it’s an Eclipse. Total Lunar total crazy. Conjunct the South Node (old habits die hard if at all)! TRINE sober Saturn in Sagittarius. It opposes Juno the faithful wife. It’s conjunct Vesta the solitary. This is a go-it-alone Eclipse. There will be break-ups. There will be lone wolves. There will be heartbreaking moments of incredible clarity. No winners, no losers with this one. Just the truth.

There’s your love horoscope, folks πŸ˜‰

But seriously. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones.


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