Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Gemini (part 2)

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking about the eclipse next Saturday. The one on December 10th. In Gemini. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 

And I know what else you’re thinking. Will something die? Will someone die? Will there be an end I cannot fathom? Well, before you get all tangled up in blue, remember that Full Moons bring the fruit, not just the pits. Moon-fruit.

Full Moons are emotional, yes, but in Gemini? Opposing Sagittarius? There’s still a party going on somewhere INSIDE YOU.

So this Full Moon could be about (and here come the keywords again): culmination! Fruition! Finishing! Results! Finally! The feeling of finally! Collecting all your intentions and your hard work and bloom bloom bloom, says the Universe.

The key is… to look. Look at your chart. Speculate, meditate, deviate, guess. Try predicting for yourself. It’s fun!

As an example: me. Full Moon gonna be in my 10th.  Career-related? You betcha. Now Full Moons are active for months to come so this sets a pattern for half a year at least. This part of my life is changing and will likely keep changing and… when other planetary activity bumps up against that eclipse degree? Stuff will happen. That’s right. Stuff. 18 Gemini.

Oh. Just realized that this Full Moon Eclipse is LIFE i.e. 18 is “chai” in Hebrew which means, yup, life.

So look in your chart and see where you are still alive and where you will become even more alive — NO MATTER WHAT ELSE HAPPENS. Even if you must take a loss, take a death, metaphorical or otherwise. TAKE IT inside you.

And at the end of the day, eat a bowl of whole milk yogurt and strawberries and walnuts and well okay not everyone eats dairy but I find it soothing after a long hard day to eat cream-topped yogurt and fruit.


This is what I wrote on the train today:

The Gemini Eclipse will bring an end of some kind. The end of the party, but which one? Or the end of uncertainty. But which one? Gemini multi-tasks and maybe you’ll find one focus point for all your creativity. 

The Eclipse may also begin the unraveling, the beginning of the end but WAIT this might not be a bad end. You may leave the crap job for the awesome job. The crap guy for the good guy. It can go like that too.

So this Full Moon could be the seed you planted which is now a tree blooming with fruit. Your tree. Your harvest. Your Full Moon.

Which will it be for you? 

Will I be doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini? YES! Probably won’t start until the weekend though… but feel free to email me anytime to schedule at moonpluto@gmail.com

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