Frustration Plus An Opening: The Stars Next Week!

An interesting week ahead for your BRAIN. For your perception."sun trine uranus" Mercury transits.
Mercury in proud theatrical Leo.
Interesting week ahead for your communications.
And your letter writing 🙂
Good week for the writers, poets, thinkers.

I’d like to call it a Yod. Mercury is the apex. Pluto and Neptune = the sextile, the support.
Yes it is wide, but consider this energy anyway.

Mercury in Leo is eloquent and grand and festive, the orator! but inconjunct Neptune or inconjunct Pluto is… unsure of its powerful vision.
The Yod action pushes Mercury forward into self-belief. You at the prow of the ship. You you you!

Consider the first half of this week under this shaky yet confidence-building canopy.

Saturn trine Chiron (exact on Tuesday)
Mars trine Neptune (exact on Wednesday)

What is Saturn trine Chiron?
Saturn is RESPONSIBLE. And Chiron?
Chiron was not all up in shenanigans like those other Centaurs. Chiron was healer, teacher, oracle.

How you get well is by doing your duty. It’s not as hard as you think. If you’re not supposed to eat wheat THEN DON’T EAT WHEAT. If you’re supposed to be doing your physical therapy exercise then DO THEM. No excuses says Saturn! Take responsibility says Saturn. This week we don’t mind Saturn’s harsh words because they don’t feel harsh at all. They feel caring, as caring as Chiron in PIsces. The trine makes it easier than usual. See, you can take this week to get a running start.

Mars trine Neptune: visualize the outcome AND visualize yourself doing it. This is an important part of the process. Seriously. Don’t skip it. Make time for this. See if you can get your meditation practice going again. You need the container. Get it? Once you have the structure, the container (the Saturn), you can fill it with anything you want. Mars trine Neptune is the filling!

Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo
Sun and Mercury will:
-trine Uranus and square Saturn and inconjunct Chiron.

Okay it’s a little bumpy, Leo-wise, over the weekend. The Saturn square wants to dull Leo’s shine and confidence, and the inconjunct to Chiron is a belly ache BUT HELLO THERE SUN MERCURY TRINE URANUS. Create create create grow grow grow! Little flame goes higher and higher! Hello little flame!

My advice is to write everything down. We’re dealing with Mercury. The brilliant idea is here. Sun square Saturn will make you feel shitty but you can jump over it. Jump. Uranus rules airplanes! Fly away! Uranus rules revolution! Sun trine Uranus = your rebellion! RESIST THE RECRUITMENT. DO NOT LET SUN SQUARE SATURN RECRUIT YOU INTO FEELING LIKE SHIT!!!

Remember, Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct still — you feel stuck but you also feel an opening. This opening is real and true. There shall be a zapping!

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