From This Dream To That Fire: Pisces Season, Aries Season

The “problem” with exercise is that people don’t want to be in their bodies.

They don’t want to think about their bodies. They don’t want to look at their bodies. Admitting that you have a body means admitting that you will get old (or that you *are* old or imperfect!) and you will die. Someday.

But you can see already that this isn’t a problem with exercise, but a problem with us, the way we see, our perspective about life, death, and the body. Perspective is always an appropriate topic under a Sagittarius Moon šŸ™‚

I joined the gym again for various reasons and the best result so far is that I am sleeping MUCH much better. I don’t look in the mirror and exult. I go through all kinds of uncomfortable emotions and thoughts when I see myself and I know I am far from done with this process but it is worth it. It is worth it to look. Saturn is in Scorpio (retrograde, yes) and we can fear the deep or we can make it our job (Saturn).

We are in Pisces Season now. Aries Season comes next.

What will you DO with all that martial Aries energy? We will jump. We will jump from this dream to that fire.

All this makes me think of my Mars-ruled 8th House, not because this house is strictly identified with the body (although it’s our bodies that have sex which is an 8th House topic), but because this is Pluto/Scorpio’s “natural” house, where we find taboo and shame and, often, trauma.

Aries Season, for me, means a busy 8th, which on the one hand means I start paying back my student loans, and on the other hand… well… there are many 8th Houses hot spots and all of them make us hold our breath (or gasp for air) in one way or another – whether it’s due to sex or grief or the taxman.

Of all the planets currently transiting Pisces, Mars will be the first to enter Aries and like many of my generation will conjunct Chiron early on. This will happen while I’m on my trip, way out West and out of my Cancerian comfort zone. I wonder what it will mean as I travel that landscape under late a late Pisces, early Aries sky, the desert before me vitalized by the bright force fire of Mars in his power, impulsive courageous fireworks.


What is the journey of your body at this time? Are you stronger than ever? Are you in recovery? Both? What are you discovering?

Love, MP


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