From The Big City, Letters Home: Under The Gemini Moon

Books should look like they’ve been read.

I am happy on the train, on my way Uptown with my book and my iPod.

Motorcycle helmet and iPad in bring-back bag. I shall bring it all back, and more, spoils from my journey. You’d think it was Gemini Season (books *and* gadgets!) but no just the Gemini Moon tongue kissing Mars in Aquarius πŸ™‚

Tell me do you feel the difference? How smooth the trine is? If this were a square we’d be uncomfortably buzzing. Instead we’re idea-ing. Writing things down. Steady. Pay attention. You’ll see.

Sun sextile Uranus. Mercury trine Jupiter. Uranus the Awakening, the Liberator. Are you? The sextile says “try it! Why not?” Mercury trine Jupiter will be grandiose about the truth, revealing all it’s good news all around.

On the train, I am searching for lines from poems to share with the gals in the meditation class: poetic information details facts voices thoughts cool air and… David Guetta in my ears. I have a soft spot for the music I heard at the gym when Mars was in Virgo all those months πŸ™‚

Venus in Capricorn in wide sextile to the North Node in Scorpio and trine the South Node in Taurus and I think to myself that the great work, great adventure begins when you let someone love you. Why do you resist it? You know you do. You prize control over all. Keep that heart tight in its box.

Tomorrow won’t feel like today. A long void of course Moon and then our feelings head to the interior of the crab shell, safe from… everyone.

Which brings me back to my point about Venus in Capricorn: we’re how many days into 2013? You have to live. You have to. Because people you have lost cannot. You have to do it for them. Whatever that means to you. I know some of you can relate to this and it’s your call to arms but you don’t just commit (Saturn) once. You do it over and over.

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