From The Astrologer’s Notebook: Roots In Fire

"north node in the 4th house"Finally. I feel like myself again. I think it was the heat. And I think it was the Sun in Cancer being blasted by Pluto and Uranus. But I feel like myself again.

I was working on a client’s chart just now who has her North Node in the 4th House in Sagittarius and I asked her:

how is this possible? How will this become possible? How will you do this? Because this is what you must do: to set down roots (4th House) in fire (Sagittarius).

Seems like a contradiction, no? Won’t they burn? And then what? Maybe they are supposed to burn.


Other chart factors support her journey. And then others still are pebbles on the road.

Every life is precious. Every decision made. That’s what I came here to tell you today: delight in your decision-making process. Construct your life from the materials you find. The Sun in Cancer is the mother, creator of all and every time you choose “this” over “that,” there’s a new birth.

I swear it feels like winter, the fact that it’s not 95 degrees.


And speaking of making choices and setting limits, Saturn leaving Libra for Scorpio will trine Cancer and trine Pisces. Water signs need this structure and support. The girl who I was writing to today isn’t a water sign but when the North Node lives in the 4th House, you must become your own mother and give birth to yourself.

The tricky thing about this process though is that the more you become you, the more you run the risk of alienating those who wish you were otherwise. Being yourself though… is THE cure for loneliness.

Love, MP

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