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The Sun is still in Scorpio but I feel like Sagittarius is taking over. Is it just me? ย I was writing about the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign and just now about Mercury Retrograde. Everywhere you turn there shall be archers and half men/half beasts leaping leaping leaping about! And backwards (ha!)

But what can we say about Scorpio this evening? I don’t want to miss out. I don’t want to move from fire to water and forget the lessons of Scorpio.

The lesson I want to mention is one that I’ve been talking about endlessly all throughout Scorpio Season: death and rebirth.

Wherever Pluto is in your chart is where you will reincarnate. Really. You will die and come back to life over and over and over. Your soul is happy there because your soul wants this work-out. Your soul is greedy for it. It’s the Big Mac of your planetary placements. Or maybe you want a different metaphor. I don’t eat Big Macs either ๐Ÿ˜‰

So before Scorpio Season ends, meditate on your natal Pluto and don’t even consider the aspects for the moment. Just reflect on the house he’s in. Can you see, feel, how you’ve died 1000 times in that house? And emerged somehow new, changed?

My astrology teacher used to say about certain transits: well, are you going to go kicking and screaming? Or…

It’s a lot easier to do Pluto, to do your Pluto, when you surrender to it and stop holding on. See, Pluto takes away what you ARE holding onto. Creepy crappy irony there, I know.

One example: no one wants to lose their mother. Cancer Sun can’t bear to be apart.ย It’s unfathomable. And she was my world, for better or worse, and then she was gone. I was in my 20s but I was a child. It was too young. ย And I’d already lost my father by that time.

Oh. I lost track of what led me to this story and I just remembered something else… tomorrow is her birthday.

I’m not sure what she’d think of this astrology stuffย , but I know she’d know that the counseling/helping bit was the right fit.

Everything is so fragile. I feel this when I look around the room: the sleeping cats, the four walls, hear the sounds from upstairs or outside, music playing on my cell phone, thinking of a friend who went to a funeral today, and people talk about impermanence all the time but how often do you really feel it, notice it?

That’s what Pluto is for. To get you to look at your losses. ย To see so deeply in that you stop being afraid and instead you just feel… awe.

Love feels like that. Closeness. Another Scorpio word that I love: intimacy. Intimacy feels like that. Actually I hate the word “intimacy” — sounds like a bad perfume but I don’t know what else to call it. I’ll come up with a new word later.


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