Friday Morning Astrology: Let’s Talk Love!

"venus square saturn"

I woke up this morning thinking about love  and Venus is in slow, strong, steady Taurus as I write this and this morning I was thinking about how my definition of love has changed over the years but now — it’s that I’m still trying to figure it out and this could be true of you too, whether you are single or not.  And I am not married but I am most definitely not single.

And I was thinking these thoughts and opened up an astrology book from the shelf and read a phrase, “Saturn builds walls” and it reminded me of my Venus Saturn square and how our squares are unconscious forces inside us until we know they are there — and then see how they help or how they limit, how they have functioned, how we may want to… soften them.

Saturn in hard aspect to personal planets is… hard. They are called “hard aspects” for a reason. I’m sometimes traditional in my approaches — I’m a Cancer, a traditional sign but I also have an 11th House Stellium: need to be free.

But that’s the interesting thing about Aquarius which is associated with the 11th House: ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Saturn builds walls. Uranus takes them down. Does your Venus build walls? Or take them down? 

Love influenced by Saturn can go the distance. Love delayed not love denied is what my first astrologer told me.  Saturn and Venus together can also bring in an older partner or a wiser partner or a teacher/partner or a Daddy/Mommy partner.

Venus square Saturn = love in tension with time, love in tension with karma, love in tension with limits, love in tension with boundaries, love in tension with walls. What do I mean by “in tension”? There’s a block. And it will take work –hello Saturn!– to navigate around or chisel away or zap-evaporate the block!

As I grow older though, something is changing in me. As I see, notice… what’s being offered and whether I want to take it. That I can choose. And maybe this is part of having a chart so heavily weighted on the left hand side, the Eastern side, as well as a chart with no personal planets in Libra… I do not feel bound by others. I feel I can choose. Anytime I involve myself with others? It is based on FREEDOM. My Sun in the 11th. As soon as it feels like I have to? It won’t work. I need to remember this when I counsel others – not project my own freedom.

Venus in Aquarius may have something of this as well – love + freedom but more often than not I find they are just, well, imaginative 😉 or curious. Or outright slutty (kidding!)

I was chatting with a friend last night who suggested I write Perversion Around the Zodiac and honestly I’m too private for that. Venus in the 12th House here!

And then I remembered my Mars in the 11th which sounds like an orgy to me, don’t you think? Mars (sex) in the 11th (groups!) and hell I’ve got three planets in the 11th it’s a BIG group.

But I digress. It’s that kinda morning 😉

My question for you though is, to very loosely paraphrase Raymond Carver, what do you think about when you think about love? Has it changed? Have you found it? Do you seek it? Do you want it? What does your chart say?


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