Friday Morning Astrology: From The Mouth Of Saturn

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

(Pictured: You and the Killer Whale inside you)

Free will exists. It just DOES.

You can blame the world all you want for your problems or blame your parents. Or yourself. And it may be true. The world may suck. Your parents may suck. You may be totally inept 😉

But once you are wiping your own ass. Okay… not that soon. But once you are out in the world to some degree, you have to take some responsibility for your happiness. Or your UNhappiness.

Actually you DON’T have to. There’s free will. It’s YOUR CHOICE.

But if you do – if you look long and hard in the mirror. If you stop blaming everyone and everything else, there’s a bigger chance that things will get better.

Whatever storyline you are so attached to, all the woes and regrets and poverty and all the people who hurt you so bad, all the horror. Try to see it all from God’s point of view.


I was just writing back to someone on Twitter about devastation. She was asking if it were possible to feel the Eclipse before the Eclipse happens and I believe so. And she mentioned that maybe it was the  Uranus Pluto square she’s feeling. Probably a combination is what I think.

And then her Virgo Moon 😉 elicited a little worry sound from across the ether and I wrote back that… short of devastation, what’s to stop you?

I’ve been following the story of the young woman with this flesh eating virus and how she already lost a leg and maybe fingers too (can’t remember the latest details). A young woman, college student waking up to THAT.

Well, if you have your physical and MENTAL health, what’s to stop you? Fate? Fear? Start considering BOTH to be illusions right now.

And if your physical and/or mental health are weak, then how can you get stronger?


Have a beautiful day, my friends

Love, MP

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