Fretting Virgos and Needy Cancerians

And today the Boyfriend said something that surprised me. He was joking but not really. Telling me that my purpose in life was to fret over him. That that was the reason why I was born. I told him I didn’t want that. It would deplete me. He laughed. It will only work if you change, I said. Otherwise, it’s an energy suck. My energy.

Truth is: I liked what he said. I liked the hyperbole and the manipulation. I liked that he said that he’s over eating because he’s afraid that I’ll leave him. I’m telling you this because it’s true. Things have been a bit tense lately and I don’t know where it began, with him or with me, so a talk like this? It was good. I love to process. Virgo Moon 🙂

What filled me with pleasure the most though was his NEED. I guess he’s always exhibiting this need but I… don’t always see it. Men don’t talk. They do.

He’s got Cancer planets and so do I, and they are conjunct in the synastry: a 5-planet pile-up. And I’ve got Mars in Cancer so… the clinging and the needing, well, they pull me in (an understatement).

I love writing about intimacy and relationships and discovery, even if it puts me in a bad light or a weird light. Still, I bet some of you can relate. And Cancerian Love, I think, is always more about need than about love.

Famous last words: cake? 

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