Freedom vs. Obsession And The Pluto Uranus Square!

So I’m on a bit of a blogging break. Vlogging instead!

As I was saying in the video, I was reading Stephen Arroyo on the train and what he said about the nature of the square vs. the softer aspects was really interesting to me — and then I started thinking about the Pluto Uranus square and wondering how that square… is coming to life in your life!

Is it easy to tease out the meaning? Have you seen any forward movement or resolution in those areas of your life (the houses where you find transiting Pluto and Uranus in your chart)?

Things are taking shape in my world but I know it’s not done yet. I know there is more to come. Surprise (Uranus) and metamorphosis (Pluto).

You know what? I think we’re lucky. I think we’re a damn lucky generation, all of us alive now who are experiencing this square.

What would happen if you did not resist the confusion, the change, the tumult and the turmoil but instead did ride the wave? I know I know we are talking fire and earth here but Jupiter is in CANCER (water). It’s a freakin’ STEW.

Maybe there’s a way to reframe all of this. And make it more fun (Jupiter!). Really. Maybe there’s a way you can make your trouble into adventure. Is this not the Temperance card? Is this not alchemy? Mixing and stirring and creating and transforming and why not believe? Why not try believing that you WILL?


Bring it on home to Jupiter. That’s my advice. For the moment!

Love, MP

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