Free vs. Free: The Fool & The Tower

And the further I got away from the Big City, the better I felt.

I am not in love with NYC even though I live here.

Even though a casual stroll through Grand Central Station, where I took the Metro North train, offers all manner of foodie delights, including a fresh loaf of gluten-free bread from Zabars.

Hmmm, Zabars 🙂

And I was on the train, on the Hudson line, when I realized that the Fool and the Tower are two sides of the same… life.

The Fool is making a choice. The Tower, on the other hand, takes you by surprise.

Can acting the Fool prevent the Tower from falling? Not necessarily.

But listen to this: some of Joan Bunning’s key phrases for the Fool:

entering a new phase. Expanding horizons. Going on a journey. Heading into the unknown. 


And from Rachel Pollack: the image of a spirit totally free.

These key phrases remind me of more than one Tower experience that I survived. The crisis. The uproot.  It did not make me feel good. But it did make me free.

The next time you fall from the Tower in your reading, or in your life, superimpose the Fool there too. He’s happy. He’s jaunty. He’s open. He believes. You can think of him as the morning after the Tower. Or the moment before.

Or as I am fond of saying lately, that whatever happens, Tower or Fool, is a parade being thrown in your honor. Can you do that for me? Think about it.

P.S. Moon in Pisces all day Tuesday.


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