Forget the Chart? A Good Idea? Synastry Thoughts!

Sometimes I want people (myself?) to forget the chart.

But is it possible to forget the chart? If you know that your lover or wannabe lover has Venus in… whatever how do you put that aside and see the person without bias.

Is it possible? Is it worth it? Won’t that Venus make herself obvious anyway? Isn’t it better to know who/what you are dealing with?

I think it’s helpful to know what is there, to understand what is there, and then to let it go and experience the person. Or vice versa.

I mean, get to know someone before you say, “But she has her Venus in ABC! I just can’t deal with ABC. They are SOOOO controlling!”

Now I’m not telling you to waste your time, but I am asking you to have an open mind. At least a little. And if you are proven right again then perhaps your instincts are impeccable.

In my own life it’s impossible to resist. When I’m interested in someone, I want to see their chart right away! If I see too much of such and such I “get a feeling,” an “uh oh” feeling.

For example, I have three personal planets in Cancer. Aries/Libra types and me are NOT a match. I can work with anyone pretty much, client-wise, but for personal life, for my luv connection, Aries/Libra will put my Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars in a t-square. That’s just too much… communication breakdown. I suppose other chart support could lessen that burden but…

Same with Taurus. The high degrees of Taurus will conjunct my Saturn. I will become a burden to them. Become the teacher, the mother, the father. I know from personal experience already that despite my love of Taurus patience and stability, I will get thrown into a role I don’t want.

So what do we do? Arm ourselves with knowledge and then forget it? Sometimes. So that we can continue to learn.

What are your thoughts on this topic? 

Love, MP

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