Forecast! Uranus Square Pluto: Sudden Healing

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I was doing a little morning reading just now, reading about Pluto.

It’s important to remember that Pluto isn’t just associated with death, but also rebirth.

That Pluto isn’t just associated with criminals and danger but also healers and getting well. Getting *very* well.

When you revisit your natal Pluto, remember this. That you HEAL from that place in your chart. That you heal yourself, definitely, but possibly others as well with your Pluto Power.

Now I know I know I know the square is an aspect of tension, believe me I know! I’ve got squares-a-plenty in my natal chart AND YET (there’s always an “and yet” with me) Pluto always holds the truth. It can get twisted sure, very twisted, manipulated, but the little seed-truth is in there. Like a gold tooth in the mouth of God.

This Uranus square Pluto transit may drop you at a crossroads and quite literally the crossroads of the houses involved (in your chart), but real healing, real stitching up from massive wounds can take place for you now and in the coming weeks.

Do you believe it?

Now I do believe this weekend and early next week will seal the deal for you in one area of your life in at least one very important way. EVEN BEFORE Saturn and Venus go direct.

Uranus = invention. Pluto = transformation. YOU ARE COMING UP NEW. And if you want to know WHERE, then find transiting Uranus and find transiting Pluto in your chart. And also find your natal placements of these guys.

Trust me. You are changing. And that’s a good thing. Be open to the miraculous cure that your life can become.

Now don’t get me wrong. This isn’t Jupiter-follow-the-yellow-brick-road feeling. It’s more jarring. It’s more definite. It’s more defining. You HAVE to choose ONE. You CAN’T have it ALL. It’s scary at times, and gross, like adolescence. Pluto in Capricorn is about growing up.

Are you feeling this square? 

Love, MP

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