For Virgo Risings With Career Confusion, Neptune Through Your 6th Is OVER!

"jupiter square uranus"From my Facebook: 

Here’s your Astro Fortune Cookie for today: 

I think this day runs a lot more smoothly than yesterday for **many**

No exact aspects (except those made by the Moon in Scorpio) 

HOWEVER here is some of what is building: 
Jupiter trine Chiron 
Venus conjunct Uranus and square Pluto 
Mercury inconjunct Pluto 

And really there is a Yod forming between the Scorpio Moon, Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury in Gemini. 

What I suggest you do is change your filter. Do you have one of those water pitchers with a filter? Well, your filter needs to be changed! 

My experience of Scorpio, the flavor of the day, is that they want to bring you the truth. Doesn’t matter if it hurts. There is a compulsion to un-peel. No matter their agenda, they see through you anyway. Doesn’t matter if you protest. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t tell the whole story. There is still a significant grain of truth when Scorpio speaks, when Scorpio feels. 

Your job the next couple days is to listen and filter and ask yourself: is it true? What do I need to hear in what he/she is telling me, above and beyond any hurt feelings or knee-jerk reactions I’m having… 

Mercury in Gemini is gonna babble but Mercury in Gemini is babbling about what you need to hear. 

Also get ready for the Love Extremes. Notice what Venus is up to! Messing around with Uranus and Pluto and (next week) Jupiter. For many this will be a RELIEF. 


Do you ever look back at the longer transits in your life?

Maybe ones you never quite noticed or thought about before!

This happened to me the other day when I was reading a sample computerized astro report on-line and the sample celebrity had Virgo Rising and thus the house placements were the same for me and WOW I had so many revelations.

I had never really thought about Neptune in Aquarius before! Not for my chart anyway. All the confusion about WORK. And this was a LONG transit. Through my 6th House. And I was lost. I was also a bit mental 🙂 12th House/6th House. Mental health, physical health. No direction. Trial and error. And towards the end of that transit  I started a business where I used the higher vibrations of Neptune i.e. service but until then it was just fog.

And I thought to myself: how awful to have this transit at THAT age, the age when… we’re supposed to be growing up. Work was a confusing blank slate.

But then I turned it all around. I changed. The transit changed. Neptune MOVED. But I had blamed myself. I think everyone thought I was a loser. And I did too, despite my talents. Things were constantly falling apart, dissolving. Classic Neptune.

This is why and how we have those long ruts and cycles lasting 7 years, 14 years, 20 years… because of the slower moving planets through wasteland of our charts. Neptune would have mostly been making difficult aspects for me or none at all. And weird ones. Neptune inconjunct my Cancer stellium. I really should look up the Yod, what year that was. Because at some point Neptune was inconjunct my Mars which is sextile my Pluto creating that larger meaningful configuration. My gut tells me that’s when things finally coalesced. (Also I would have had Neptune square my Saturn for years.)


It was not me, not entirely. But we adapt to what is actually a phase. But it’s NOT REAL.

I had the seeds for achievement in me the whole time. But I didn’t know it. Neptune fooled me and fooled everyone. This is also why I was so shocked when my astrology business (and a previous one) started to take off because I’d been so fooled.

That’s your homework for the day. Use Whole Sign houses so you can really think about this in terms of houses. Where was Neptune before? Where is Neptune now? How was your life affected? I know how Pluto was for me, through my 4th. I think I focused on that transit above and beyond all others so all this was revelatory for me.

Another questions is whether these long derailments are necessary for our growth. Well, they happen so… perhaps they are. We have no choice. We can’t just erase Neptune from our charts. But the more astrology we know, the more we can do our best to use the energy wisely, through understanding and practical planning.

So all you Virgo Risings who had been lost in space in regards to making money and daily work, this all turned around for you a few years ago and now it just needs to sink in. You CAN make money. You CAN work. You CAN have a career. See I think you probably talked yourself out of a lot over the years but YOU CAN start where you are. I am proof that it’s not too late.

Love, MP


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