For Those With Saturn Transiting Their 7th House

No one may have explicitly told you:  you don’t deserve to be happy.

But somehow we wind up believing it. Why? Trauma. Gets inside us. And we get out of there (the myth of childhood) believing we CANNOT.

The other day I was talking to a client, looking at chart and cards and I pulled the STRENGTH card for her and I said and I thought: you CAN. You can do it. If you want to.

Courage. Bravery.

But I knew there was more to it. And I kept thinking about it. And I started looking in my Tarot library for more meaning more meaning more meaning more meaning because I KNEW there was a resonance waiting for me.

I don’t normally read reversed cards. What happens is that I intuit reversed meanings. Sometimes. And I realized later. This wasn’t just courage and bravery and strength. This was also tired of trying. This was also SELF-ESTEEM. This was RAGE.  The lion’s rage. Wisdom from rage. Helpful rage. YES THERE IS SUCH A THING. She was drowning, I believe, in her unlived rage. I didn’t tell her this but maybe she’s reading this blog post now.

This morning on the subway, two men got into a shouting match. There were insults and I wondered if punches would be thrown on a Thursday at 7 am. They kept at it until one of then got off the train, screaming about courtesy. Preview of Mars in Libra?

Be careful out there, my star lovers. I has predicted an easy week but mind your manners anyway. Mars in Virgo nitpicks and picks and picks and somebody could get hurt.

Love, MP


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