For MoonPluto People And Anyone Else Caring For Their Intense Emotions

Better to be angry than sad is what I’m thinking on the subway ride home.

Sadness has its place, yes. But there’s this one variety of it… it sucks you dry, no blood left to boil all that potential anger in and make your meal.

I had a moment today. I didn’t mind. (Did I?) My friend minded, being on the receiving end, but a funny thing happened. I mean, I had a realization.

Las Vegas, my trip way out west, changed me. But you already knew that. Spend 7 days and nights with a Scorpio (stellium) and you will come home changed.

Did being on the receiving end of his Scorpio probing give me carte blanche to forever now misbehave and push others too hard, like he did me?

No. But I am more comfortable now with my nature, which at times will tear down foundations, expectations, security… to build it up again.

Actually, I think I don’t push hard enough. I don’t dig under the limit. Or maybe my friend today would disagree. Hmm. It happens so fast. The storm.

Remember, readers of mine from a year ago, or more, how I used to write about this stuff all the time?

Yeah. That’s exactly what it is, what it was. I have Mars in Cancer. I stop too soon. When you stop too soon, you miss opportunities over and over and over. Stopping too soon can take the form of… walking away or turning off the drill. My Scorpio friend, he kept the drill on high.

In either case, if you are a Moon Pluto person, if Pluto touches your emotional nature, emotional body, in any way at all, you likely know what the hell I’m talking about here. And if not? Be grateful 🙂

It’s a Richard and Linda Thompson kind of night. I would have posted a YouTube of Beat the Retreat for you but could only find a live version (which I don’t like). If you have Spotify though, it’s there.

Love, MP

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