Follow Your Trines!

"new moon in aries 2012"

This is a re-post!

Easy for me to do: I don’t have that many! Trines are ease, trines are flow, with a trine you don’t even have to fiddle with the doorknob; the door magically opens! Has this been your experience?

And then there’s the story about the dude with so many trines that he got lazy and did nothing, achieved nothing. I do believe these types exist and some of them pay for it (ooh that sounds harsh, doesn’t it?) and some of them are just… happy. Happy is good, right?

Yeah, I’d like some more trines. So I wait for transits :) My chart is sextile-heavy, which is… okay. I wrote a post about this once, about the sextile being overrated but I think I was having a grass-is-greener moment. Or frustrated at watching a close friend keep winning those scratch-off Lotto games. He’s got Venus trine Jupiter. Then again I think of another friend with… mostly squares and oppositions. Maybe ONE sextile or ONE trine. And it is indeed harder for her to… pick herself up after hard times? Find her purpose? It’s just harder. And it hurts to watch someone struggle. We all need support from somewhere/someone.

With a trine, you know that things will get better. Or are fine as they are.

Can you find the trines in your chart?


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