F**k Pluto: Notes From The A-Train

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I was heading Uptown yesterday morning and wrote this post in my little notebook…


I am reading about Pluto these days and themes emerge: surrender, stop trying to take control or manipulate situations, people, your life. We can read the same phrases over and over again and they start to sound stupid but better to do that and STOP then to kill something you love.

I often talk about STOP in terms of Saturn in that Saturn tells us STOP. Meaning that Saturn puts a STOP in our way. But with Pluto? Pluto wants US to STOP.

This is one reason why Saturn Pluto transits are so nauseating. It’s like not being able to vomit. You want to purge but there’s a fist in your throat.


Willfullness vs. mystery. Manipulation vs. sitting still.

Always makes me think of the High Priestess in the Tarot i.e .not knowing it all and not trying to force an outcome. Letting go.

It’s like… okay this is a sex image I’m approaching here and I don’t want to go there but I have to go there because it came to mind. It’s like… when a woman opens up in sex. She’s closed until that point. She’s closed until she opens up. And then she opens up. She opens up her legs but it’s not just that. It’s more than that vulnerable fleshy opening.

Pluto transits are the cosmos fucking you but you may not come (home) for years.


During your Pluto transit, you have a holy assignment, particular to your life and chart but in general Pluto transits are not about stability. They are about shifting. 

Who are you?

Caught in a box of any kind of pain, crisis, sorrow, confusion, back against wall or on floor, sword in your throat, fire in your mouth, what to do? Pause. Wait. High Priestess. Hanged Man. Smile as you bury your dead?

Wait for Guidance from the inside, wait for more information, for outside events to illuminate. Pluto as lantern.


I’ve had times in my life when I felt nothing moving, stasis, very dark and I longed for… not crisis but… a gift, leaves, heaven bolts from the blue, Neptunian magic, Uranian catapulting, but the friendly kind.

But Pluto says stop. See what’s there. What is your life telling you about your life. Pluto boxes your ears and then says listen up.


Put Pluto outside you. Take the dog for a walk. Pluto arts and crafts. Make something. Recently I was telling someone to swim. This wasn’t in regards to Pluto; it was about her Neptune. To take her inner confusion and put it outside her i.e. Neptune is water. Externalize the confusion. Then easier to deal with it. Take it out of the body.

Which reminded me of years ago my best friend would come over and I would lead us in intense exercise sessions, aerobics, with all the steps memorized from many years of Jane Fonda videotapes and there always came a point when I instructed us to “take it outside” i.e. jog around the block. Same idea.

Can you put the pain outside you somehow? Because otherwise it’s in your body and the Pluto energy is far too… well, it’s bigger than you are. Your body becomes fragile from the containment.


But back to the woman having sex. If you are under Pluto now, sustained intensity is your life.

I’m going to resist giving more advice at this moment. Am thinking of a crappy poem I wrote once, not about Pluto but about a woman having sex and comparing her to a flower so consider this image (uh oh I am giving advice!) the next time you feel fucked or fucked over by the sustained intensity that is your life right now. Okay? Pluto is not your boyfriend. You can’t make him happy. But what you can do is….


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