Fixed Grand Cross: New Moon In Leo, August 6th

New Moon at 14 degrees Leo. 

Hmm the New Moon in Leo squared by the North Node in Scorpio and thus squared by the South Node in Taurus.

What say you, mid-degree Aquarius peeps?

Ready for the squeeze? New Moons are new starts, intentions set. NEW LIFE. Fear not the squeeze. Squeeze back. This is LEO Season. Warm, loving, loyal, glowing, a light in the darkness. Strike a pose 🙂 Leo needs attention so give it.

It’s actually a Grand Cross though 🙂 Juno “the faithful wife” is in not-so personal (but loyal!) Aquarius also squaring. I THINK THIS NEW MOON IS ABOUT YOUR LOVE LIFE. Do you want to know what love is? Do you want me to show you? 😉

On the up side: New Moon trine bright shiny crazy Uranus and conjunct Ceres the mother AND Vesta the spinster (just kidding. I love Vesta. She’s conjunct my Ascendent. What’s not to love?).

Mercury in the late degrees of intuitive Cancer. No words are needed. You feel it all. Venus in list-makingVirgo. Mars in cancer sextile Venus so this is GOOD for love but happy Jupiter and strategist Pallas Athena are in Cancer opposing Pluto! Fireworks? Tears? Fisticuffs?

My overall advice: CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES. Pallas Athena chooses hers. You should too.

New Moon and Sun in Leo = a very male, yang and possibly annoying energy (for some of us who want peace and quiet) like too many puppies (not that I don’t love puppies but you know what I mean I hope) and the WOMEN (Goddess Asteroids!) dominate the skies, making potent aspects, trying to control, trying to fuse, not letting go.

LET THE GIRL WIN is my advice. Listen to your wife. She knows best. The man (or male /yang energy in your life) may be the head of the household but the feminine is the neck.

You want a card? 8 of Pentacles! Get to work! I’m thrilled you feel so inspired with the Sun trine Uranus but VENUS  IS IN VIRGO, suckers! And she works hard for the money. And for love.

Love, MP

PS Was this too many details? Make sense?


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