First House Pluto People

"Pluto in the First House"
Pluto and Friend

Pluto in the First House leads to regeneration of the self. The old self dies and a new one is born. Over and over, throughout a life. The first astrologer I ever consulted, shortly after my graduate school days, told me that the First House Pluto was like an onion, peel back the layers and the layers and… “you will confuse people” she said. “You’ll surprise them. They’ll feel like they never know you.” Has this been your experience? It’s been mine.

Pluto Rising can signify a difficult birth, near death experience for mother and/or baby. For me though, the difficulty came later, but not that much later ­čÖé

But wherever Pluto is in your chart is where you can experience similar themes: death and rebirth. And this isn’t to say that the rebirth is painless or easy. It’s not. But Pluto is a fact just like your chart is a fact and your experience. Look to the aspects for more information.

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