Fire Water: The Cancer-Sagittarius Combo In Natal And/Or Synastry

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I write about my obsessions. Maybe not all writers do. Maybe some astrology bloggers are better at being fair. But not me. I write about my obsessions.

And I’m obsessed, still, with the Cancer/Sagittarius combo. Do I have this in my chart?

Well, Jupiter rules my 4th House which is Cancer’s natural house. And my Mercury-Mars in Cancer squares Jupiter… stuff like that.

It’s not like I have Moon in Sagittarius BUT Sagittarius ruling my House of Home DOES matter. And all my life, I’ve always had these… cheery, smiling-eyed Sagittarius peeps wanting to be my friend and I could never figure out why as I consider myself the BORING friend and Sagittarius has a need for the not-boring.

They always try to get me to do stuff and go places. Ew.


Yes I know Jupiter is exalted in Cancer but that seems like remote reasoning as to WHY the attraction.

And yet I do believe it has to do with the Inconjunct which is feeling more and more like a mystical aspect to me.

Not “easy like Sunday morning” like a trine or “let’s run an errand” like a sextile or “quit rubbin’ me the wrong way” like a square or “a battle for better or worse” like an opposition.

The Inconjunct says: Lo! I do not understand you but I want to understand you, strange creature! I am drawn to you! Help! I am so very drawn to you! Hello? 


I love to post pictures of Frieda and Diego when I talk about Cancer and Sagittarius. She the crab, he the archer. Both artists, both striking figures. Love the way she seems to mother him in the pictures. Sagittarius’ little-boy-lost-ness can embrace the embrace or crave release from it. Probably some of both. Sagittarius may find distasteful how much he/she actually loves the love… if she/he slowed down enough to consider it.

And Sagittarius DOES consider it.

Do you have inconjuncts in your chart?


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