Find Yourself In The Cards!

"the empress"

Who are you now?

Are you the Fool? Setting off on a journey. Are you the Magician? Skillfull. Maybe you are fertile, pregnant with creativity and new life like the Empress. Or the Strength card: a brick wall and I mean that in a good way. Formidable. 

Or maybe you are the Hermit and you need to hide and search and search and hide.

Whoever you are, find it. Find your card NOW. Have a deck for this purpose. Not for reading, but for ritual. I use the Connolly deck for this and I feel like the Magician lately, that I need to be the Magician and make miracles.

It’s still Sagittarius Season. We must not give up. Horses (Sagittarius ruled creatures) don’t give up (do they, Kim?). What happens when a horse gives up?

Crazy faith: Sagittarius. Determination: Capricorn (Venus in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra). I like this sky.

And today I bought some milagros for someone. I didn’t know their purpose, I didn’t know the word miracle in Spanish, but now I know.

What’s your definition of a miracle? Do you believe in magic? 

"venus in capricorn"
Milagros Sanches, Peruvian bullfighter, aged 19

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