Find The Honey In The Square

"mars trine saturn"
Has A Mars Saturn Trine

I keep talking about this. It’s my new catch-phrase. Sounds like a breakfast commercial but I don’t care 🙂 Because I believe it’s true. Each square contains its own key, its own clue. And your chart holds the rest of the story. The honey is the sweet spot, the breaking-free.

Take Mars square Saturn for example. Mars is GO and Saturn is STOP so you can see that the key has to do with your energy and how you use it. Is it easy? Nope. But paying attention to the energy IS BETTER than running from it. How to wait, how to be patience during a delay and to know that you are powerless to speed things up. The challenge of not falling into despair.

Today’s exercise. Pick a square in your natal chart. Think how the energy manifests in your life. And then start imagining unity… the square as though healed. In your mind, the square becomes a sextile and then a trine. Magic. Trace your steps. How did you get there?

Is the honey the solution? Or the aha moment? Or maybe the honey is the process. Yes, yes, and yes. Welcome to the semiotics of astrology where everything shifts and then shifts again 🙂

I’m going to write about this more. But until then…

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